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Folding Laundry Tub

Folding Laundry Tub

Folding Laundry Tub

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If you’re on your last pair of underwear and need a solution, a mini washing machine will become your new best friend. Our Folding Washing Machine seems to be everyone’s washer of choice. When you expand it, you simply fill it with water, set a timer, and let it do its thing. Once your clothes are freshly washed, you can fold it up and stick it in the closet. Or anywhere, really: It’s only 3.6 inches thick.

A folding washing machine is suitable for washing the T-shirt, shirts, dresses, undergarments, socks and etc.(But not suitable for jeans, coats and other heavy clothing.) Adopts ultrasonic turbine technology to form small bubbles and stains, quickly disperse and emulsify, achieve deep cleaning effect. Folding design, mini size, and space-saving.

PLEASE NOTE: Folding laundry tub basic does not include washing machine option



  • FOLDING WASHING MACHINE: specializing in washing underwear, baby clothes, socks, and other small clothes, with ozone sterilization function inside, bathing pets, and storing toys, clothing and storage containers in the trunk of the car, saving more than 70% of storage space



  • A VARIETY OF POWER SUPPLY MODES: you can use the charging treasure, you can use the mobile phone charger, you can also use the notebook directly




  • ULTRASONIC RAPID WASHING: water will produce many tiny bubbles under the action of ultrasonic waves. When the bubbles expand, they will hit the dirt on the clothes. The dirt will split into small particles and get rid of the clothes to achieve the effect of washing clothes.




  • OZONE STERILIZATION: Ozone destroys the bacterial biofilm structure by oxidation to achieve bactericidal action. It can penetrate into the inside of the bacteria, act on proteins and lipopolysaccharides, and change the permeability of the cells, leading to bacterial death.




  • FOLDING METOD (OPEN): take out the folded washing machine, one hand presses the bottom of the bucket, one hand raises the hand upwards, opens the washing machine; folds: hands hold the upper frame, the hands are placed symmetrically, the pressure is pressed down, the washing machine can Fold it up easily




  • The folding basin design allows you to put it in the corner and take it out to serve when you want to use it!